Thursday, 12 January 2017

Every Day Makeup

Hello Everyone :)

I've seen many other bloggers post their "everyday day makeup" so I thought I would too. the past year I've been experimenting with different types of makeup and doing different looks so this is just the makeup I wear on a daily basis.

1. Primer

For primer I have been using Rimmel Londons fix and perfect Primer which is amazing but I have recently found the Nivea mens post shaving balm which is apparently supposed to work as a great primer due to the fact that it has glycerin in it so I have found that that has worked great this past month and it is such a large bottle it can last a while.  

2. Foundation 

I don't really wear foundation often due to my skin causing me to break out a lot so I try to use foundation as sparingly as possible but when I do use foundation I like to use Maybelline dream flawless nude foundation, i'm not 100% but I don't think they sell this bottle anymore because it is quite difficult to use but don't quote me on it, but overall its a great foundation.

3. Concealer

For foundation I use Natural Collection concealer, if i'm honest I don't really like it because it drys really quickly and its quite sticky and hard to blend but I just haven't got round to getting a new one so it will do for the moment. 

4. Powder

I use again Natural Collections powder to set my face which is a great powder for as powders go i guess, and it works great for the amount i paid for it. It mattifys and gives some extra coverage, I have nearly ran out as you can see so I might repurchase!

5. Contour + Blush

For these I just use this small Ted Baker bronze and blush palette because its a great size to travel with and a lovely product which is very pigmented and blends nicely, also the packaging is gorgeous!

6. Highlight

For highlight I use MUA's Undress Your Skin highlight which is an amazing drugstore product which is very affordable and gives a gorgeous glow to your cheeks, I highly recommend! 

7. Brows 

For brows I use Ted Bakers eyebrow pencil to draw on a shape and use Nyx Tame and Frame to fill them in, they are both great products that come in many different shades and are easy to use.

8. Eye shadow 

As for my eye shadow I use Makeup Revolutions Flawless eye shadow palette which I absolutely love, it has amazing pigment and a wide range of colours such as bold and natural shades and is very affordable for the amount that it has.  

9. Mascara

The mascara I use is Ted Baker and Soap and Glory- Thick and Fast mascara, these are both great product that give my lashes great length and volume.

10. Lips

I don't really wear lipstick on a daily basis so I usually just wear, again a Ted Baker product which is, the tinted lip balm which gives colour and moisture so its a win win! 

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