Sunday, 31 January 2016

My Current Wishlist

Hello Everyone! :) 

Here is my wish list. I've seen many bloggers do these so I thought id do one too.

1. Cream contour palette 
2. Black and white Nike pros
3. Neko Atsume phone case :3 ( check my last post ;) )
4. Pandora Birthstone ring ( august )
5. Carrot cake Yankee candle, I love carrot cake so i'm curious to try this candle <3
6. Life with a sprinkle of glitter book
7. Red velvet Yankee candle    
8. white chocolate bunnies Yankee candle, that just sounds amazing !
9. Baby pink Zoella sweater

This was just a short post but there will be more soon!

-Lucy x

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