Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Starting A Healthy Breakfast

Hello Everyone! :) 

I feel like Smoothies are the best options for a healthy, nutritional, enjoyable and quick! breakfast.
I used to alllllways make smoothies, I loved experimenting with different ingredients making different flavors. That is the good thing, you can add ANYTHING to your smoothie ( not saying everything will taste nice but most fruits together do and even add veggies! ) 

These days I don't drink much smoothies and I kinda miss them so I wanna start making some on the weekends for breakfast because I don't have that much time before school :/ 

today i am going to share with you one of my fav smoothie recipes :)

This picture is taken by me but 2 years ago so its not the best hah :0

Ingredients: (up to you how much you add :) )

Fruit Juice of your choice ( I like to add apple and raspberry or tropical) 
Ice (optional)


Bottle / Glass cup 

1. Chop fruit up and put into the blender.
2. Pour in your base (friut juice etc.)
3. Add ice to thicken it up 
4. Blend thoroughly until smooth 
5. Pour into a Glass 
6. Add a fruit garnish maybe?
7. ENJOY :) 

Feel free to adjust anything x

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