Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Eos Review

Hello Everyone! :)

Today I will be reviewing the striped Eos in the scents coconut milk, vanilla mint and blackberry nectar.
Disclaimer: All the pictures were taken by myself 


Vanilla Mint 

Smells like a sweeter version of the Sweet Mint Eos but a lot less mintier and more vanilla 

Blackberry Nectar 

Smells lightly bubblegum Scented and fruity 

Coconut Milk 

Smells Light and sweet 

  • Smell Amazing 
  • Unique Packaging
  • Cute colors
  • Smooth and Moisturizing
  • Secure cap    
  • Packaging easily damaged
  • Slight waxy scent 
  • Not moisturizing when you first apply 

Over all I think these are amazing lip balms in my opinion I love everything about them 

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