Saturday, 13 February 2016

My Bucket List

Hello Everyone! :)

Here is my incomplete bucket list x        Green= Complete 

1. Have a Child 
2. Get married 
3. Visit Disney World 
4. Have a weekend sleepover with my friends 
5. Go skydiving 
6. Sleep on a trampoline 
7. Bungee Jump  
8. Put a lock on a Love Bridge 
9. Learn how to skate board
10. Sit In a hot tub in winter 
11. Spend a night in a tree house
12. Travel with my best friend 
13. Write a letter to myself and open it years later
14. Fly first class
15. Play hide and seek in Ikea 
16. Rope Swing into Water
17. Have my dream job
18. Get my drivers licence 
19. Go on a road trip with friends 
20. Ride the London Eye 

Just A couple :) <3

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