Monday, 28 November 2016

Christmas, Candles and Blogmas?

Hello every one :)

So this is a random post, and i'm really should be doing an assessment for history 
( fun fact- I hate history :) sorry any history fans out there ) any way, its nearly my one year anniversary for my blog :3 and I want to do something to celebrate so i'm open to all ideas if you all have any :).

Last night I decorated my house for Christmas and now i'm feeling super festive I've even changed my phone case, lit my favourite Christmas candle from bath and body works and brought out my Christmas baby lips (sweet apple :P) 

Also, I was thinking that I should start blogmas, if you were wondering what that is, well what I would do is give a blog post every day of December up until Christmas, I am aware I would have to spend a lot of hours writing post and charging my camera for pictures and writing ideas in my blog journal but I guess its worth it as considering I never really posted much in the summer, and now there is still over a thousand of you viewing my blog! so if you think its a good idea also leave me a comment!

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