Saturday, 10 December 2016

1 Year Anniversary!: 40 facts about me

Hello Everyone :) 

So its been a year since I hit publish on my very first blog post, it seems like only a few days ago. I've changed the layout A LOT since then and for the moment i'm happy with the one I've got. anyways I've decided to do a 40 facts about me to let you know a bit more about my life.

  1.  I'm 13 years old 
  2.  I weighed 9lbs 13oz at birth 
  3.  I hate tomato ketchup 
  4.  I loveee Crunchies 
  5.  I'm petrified of spiders
  6.  I've started tons of TV series but never finished one (oops)
  7.  I'm a Leo 
  8.  My favorite number is 7
  9.  I have sensitive skin
  10.  My hair is naturally straight
  11.  My feet are size 7
  12.  I've recently had an obsession with baking 
  13.  I enjoy playing netball but i'm not extremely good lol
  14.  I have a jack Russel 
  15.  I consider myself quite creative
  16.  I love experimenting with makeup 
  17.  My favourite colour is orange and mint green 
  18.  I have one sister called Aimee
  19.  I have a caravan
  20.  I love spicy things
  21.  I never crawled ( i sat cross legged and bum shuffled) 
  22. ... I never actually knew how to cross my legs properly until I was about 6 
  23.  I love art
  24.  I love Christmas 
  25.  I've never broken a bone (yet) 
  26.  I'm quite quick tempered 
  27.  I am terrified of small spaces 
  28.  I hate going under water for a long period of time 
  29.  I have 0 piercings but i did have my ears pierced when i was younger 
  30.  I am not allergic to anything (that i know of)
  31.  I want to become a teacher
  32.  I love shopping
  33.  I've never been to a concert 
  34.  I despise history
  35.  This is taking me a long time to write because i cant think of things to write
  36.  I love tea
  37.  I like my toast really white but warm enough for my butter to melt lol
  38.  I know some French, Welsh and English (obviously)
  39.  I love taking artsy photos :P
  40.  I've only been in hospital once- meningitis scare when a was a few moths old but i think it was just my Nan's cat.

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